Chicken Pox Party

In the USA, people typically get inoculated for measles mumps and rubella in one injection; MMR twice compulsorily, so mumps is not common. On the other side, we Japanese doctors often see patients with mumps because the Japanese government does not provide mumps vaccine as a recommended one. How can we treat mumps or chicken pox without vaccine? The other day, my American friend and I talked about gthe chicken pox partyh.

People do not inoculated for chicken pox, so everybody easily gets chicken pox in the USA as much as in Japan. If a child has chicken pox, mothers will typically get together for coffee or lunch at someonefs house and their children play together. Of course, parents do not let them know that is ga chicken pox partyh. The kids who did not have chicken pox yet will most likely come down with it soon after.

Parents believe that it is better to get chicken pox at a young age, and older children or adults suffer more severely. This is the truth medically. Also, parents must have a choice whether or not to expose their children to chicken pox. Therefore, children must stay home apart from their schools if they have chicken pox.

gChicken pox partyh may be a chance to get it easily and make it less severely for young children. As a doctor, I recommend parents to give their children a shot of chicken pox because that is very safe and effective at a young age.