Ishigaki Island trip

Shinsuke Ito, Augast 30, 2008
We went to Ishgaki island and islands nearby during our summer vacation. This was our second trip to Ishigaki Island. It took about four and half hours from Centrair to Ishigaki airport including the transit time at Naha in Okinawa Island.

We made a half-day trip to Taketomi Island. It had a beautiful beach (photo1) and rural atmosphere (photo2). Also, we enjoyed riding on the water buffalo wagon(photo3). It took only 20 minutes to go around the small town. Interestingly, the buffalo pulled the wagon itself without being controlled by a driver.

The other day, my son, my wife and I enjoyed snorkeling. Seawater in that area was especially beautiful. The color of the ocean in one spot we went to was cobalt green as you can see in the photo4. Imagine you are swimming in the ocean. What color would it be? The ocean I saw was perfectly clear!
photo 1 photo 2
photo 3 photo 4