Is JR West Japan a murderer?

Shinsuke Ito, May 10th, 2005
gWest Japan Railways Company (JR) is a murderer!h said a man in a TV news program the other day. On April 25th, 2005, there was a terrible accident on JR Fukuchiyama line. Regarding the accident, the media is taking to reporting and broadcasting peoplesf anger against JR like the above comment.

Certainly, the accident was very tragic, and one hundred and seven people died!! I have heard one cause was that the driver of the train drove at an excessive speed and it became derailed on a curve. Media and people are exploding into anger against JR, and those responsible are apologizing. However, can the real criminal be JR?

JR is internationally famous for its punctuality and safety. The Shinkansen represents these qualities. My English friend introduced the good reputation of JR in his article; Nevertheless how come the accident happened?

I have heard that the train was delayed just one and half minutes that morning. People imagine that the driver tried to recover the delay and drove too fast on the curve. Who or what is the real criminal or cause?

We Japanese regard punctuality as important. I am afraid that one of the causes is this national character. In this meaning, not only the passengers and the driver, but also JR may be a victim of this accident.