Annoying parking of a vehicle

Shinsuke Ito, April 24, 2007
It is often the case that people park their own cars on other peoplefs private land in Japan. Of course this is really annoying behavior. However, policemen cannot come down on those people because policemen can only manage public space. Since I opened my clinic, I have left the entrance of the parking space open but there was recently a vehicle parked without previous notice. I would like to let you know what I thought and how I dealt with it.

The car had appeared around this January and parked about once or twice a week. It was a big Mercedes-Benz S class colored dark blue with smoked windows. I thought that it would be a temporary matter and the car would disappear at some future day. But, it was parked on many occasions, so I stuck a paper on the windshield written gno parking except patientsh.

After then, it was not parked for a while. However, it appeared again and the frequency increased. It was not difficult to imagine that the owner of the car which was a big Mercedes-Benz S class with smoked windows and parked annoyingly would be a gang member. I was debating what I should do.

Around that time, there was a shocking incident in Nagasaki City. A gang member killed the Mayor with a gun because of a private grudge on April 18 2007. This incident made me think that I should stem the annoying parking now. If I leave this issue as it is for a long time and complain in the future, the driver might develop a greater grudge. Therefore I decided to take positive action to solve the problem.

I consulted with the local police on it. A policeman promised to dispatch colleagues if I found the car and called the police. That night, the car was parked. I called immediately, and two policemen came here. They went around and warned the driver against annoying parking using the loudspeaker of their patrol car. After one hour, when I looked, the car had disappeared.

The next day, we put up a rope in front of our parking space when our clinic is closed to prevent future parking. The rope is labeled gNo parking.h

If I were not a self-employed person, I would not know what I should do. My job makes me stronger. There might be other many troubles like this. Approaches to achieve a solution are different in each case. However, I would like to advise people to consult with police as well as people to seek solutions by themselves.